Tips and Tricks: Ray Tracing Best Practices

Originally published at: Tips and Tricks: Ray Tracing Best Practices | NVIDIA Technical Blog

This post presents best practices for implementing ray tracing in games and other real-time graphics applications. We present these as briefly as possible to help you quickly find key ideas. This is based on a presentation made at the 2019 GDC by NVIDIA engineers. Main Points Optimize your acceleration structure (BLAS/TLAS) build/update to take at…

Hi, I recently purchased GeForce 1050 Ti. Unfortunately After Effect does not support this graphic card. Even there are some other applications such as Magix Vegas 16.0, Element 3D are also not supporting. Big disappointment for me, do you have any solution to utilize GeForce 1050's strength for After Effects and other related applications?

I suggest you take this to the NVIDIA Devtalk forums, You're more likely to find someone to address your issues there.

Apology for extremely late reply.
Thanks for reply and guidance. That truly helped. Allah bless you