TK1 Jetson Real Time 3.10.24 Linux Kernel config help

I’m trying to build a Real Time kernel for the Jetson board as I need to use a realtime application for robotics. I took Nvidia’s tegra git repo and I found a K1 3.10 release that matches with an RT patch. So I checked out the tag, branched and applied the patch with a few failed diffs. I fixed the few failed diffs they were very easy. Then I took the jetsons’ .config that my Jetson running 3.10.24 had and placed it in the kernel folder. I did menuconfig and changed it to be RealTime under kernel features -> Preemption Model (Fully Preemptible Kernel (RT)), I also enabled spi in userspace.

The problem is that when I went to use make via cross compiling. It gives make errors during the build. I don’t quite know what is wrong but I suspect its something with my kernel’s .config. When I investigate the errors its usually because something is within a #ifdef block leading me to believe its mostly the config. I have played around with the config and every build gets cleaned before, yet the errors persist.

With all that in mind I was wondering if anybody is able to help me so our community can have a realtime kernel? I’ve uploaded the RT patched kernel to Github its at in the real-time-Tegra-K1 branch.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Are you compiling on Jetson or cross compiling on your PC?

Also please push the compilation error messages somewhere and link here (or put directly here, if they are not too long).

I am cross compiling but the errors also occur when compiling on the board. I’m working on something else right now but I’ll get output from make along with a config file in a gist on Github in a bit. Sorry I completely forgot to include them.

What’s the update on this project? I’m curious about running real-time Linux as well.

I too am curious about this.

Also, can you give any basic pointers regarding compiling the Jetson kernel:

  • Are you compiling natively or as a cross-compile?
  • Where did you find Nvidia's Tegra git repo? I've spent 7 whole minutes asking the Google about that and cannot find it :-)
  • How are you installing the kernel? (And, more importantly, are you installing it by itself without re-flashing everything?)

Thanks for any tips you can provide.

Here is the l4t git repo.

That seems to be from Avionic Design so it may not match the official Linux for Tegra releases.

Here’s the official Linux for Tegra kernel GIT repository:

Hi TheHurley3 and everyone, I was wondering if anyone has made any progress on this?

Any updates?