TK1 - PCIe lanes

May I know how many PCIe lanes are available in Tegra K1 processor?

The TRM says 5-lane PCIe, but the data sheet says 5-lane in one place (pg. no:3) and says 4-lane in another place ( 62).

Also, the Tegra K1 SoC contains pinouts for only four lanes. Can anyone please confirm?


I see page 2261, which mentions a 5-lane PCIe controller. I’m not sure which page says 4-lane as a controller limit, but I’m going to guess that you saw lane configuration options. In PCIe, you can configure for an even power of 2, so an individual device can have 1x, 2x, or 4x lanes, but not 5x…you probably saw reference to configuration of a single device instead of the controller lane count as a whole.

So, could it be possible to connect a x4 PCIe device to mini PCIe slot of the TK1?
Is it possible the configuration? and how?
(the lspci actually say 5GT/s x1, on a ‘default’ TK1)

I was trying to find a Video Capture card to plug into TK1.
Those models are said to be arm compatible:

but they all use a PCIe x4 interface…

Is it possible to use them on TK1? Is it possible to use an adapter for the mini PCIe half size without loss of performance?

Hi gershom,
There’s only 1x lane on a miniPCIe slot (see miniPCIe spec).

As mentioned by gershom, there is only a single lane connected to the mini-PCIe slot. You can get a riser card to convert this physically to a full-size slot…perhaps even an x4 slot. Only 1 lane would be used, and the capture cards you are looking at would work if the software exists, but you’d have speed limited to only x1. This more complicated riser card could possibly lose signal quality and cause the speed to back off to gen 1 speeds of 2.5GT/s as well, depending on how well the riser was made.