Tlt 3.0 tfrecords error

hey @Morganh
I am trying to train a facet model using tlt3.0 training toolkit. but I am facing this issue while creating tf records.
Although I am having file in my system as /home/****/.docker/config.json.
I have already did nacre.docker.login but still I am facing this issue.

can anyone please help me ?

Please run below in your host PC
$ docker login

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hey @Morganh thanks for the above solution it helped me out to figure out my mistake. I have created the tf records but when I am going to start the training for detectnet_v2 it failed.

For this kind of error ‚ÄúStopIteration‚ÄĚ, it is related to your tfrecords files. Please remove the empty files.
Please search this keyword in TLT forum for more hints.

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@Morganh Thanks a lot. Issue resolved.

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