docker.errors.NotFound: 404 Client Error


I was trying to run the CV example tlt notebook: detectnet_v2.ipynb
when I go to convert kitti data to tfrecord it gives me an error

Which dgpu did you run ?

More, can you try the same command in terminal instead of jupyter notebook?

Did you ever run $ docker login

I’m using a jetson nano dev kit

even using the terminal the same error occurs

yes I already ran the docker login on the terminal

Sorry for late reply. Please run jupyter notebook in dgpu device instead of Jetson devices.
BTW, you can search similar error message in TLT forum.

open this topic because I have already tried several solution methods for my error here on the forum, I will install the system again on another SD only with the necessary resources for TLT and I will try again

Normally, please run jupyter notebook and run training in host PC with dgpu.
After training done, you can run inference in host PC or Jetson devices.