TLV320AIC3204 Driver will support for AGX Orin 64GB SOM?

Dear Team,

We experienced audio codec driver problems when we first started using the TX2i SOM.
We used the TLV320AIC3204 TI audio codec for the TX2i, but the driver did not support it. You stated that the driver would be added to the future L4T package.

We are now using the AGX Orin Module to develop our custom card, which will use the TLV320AIC04 audio codec.
The TLV320AIC3204 Audio codec driver will support or not for AGX Orin SOM, Please kindly let us know.
Currently, we are using the Orin Dev kit with Latest Jetpack and L4T R35.1 package.

It would be really great if you could let us know.


Sorry for the late response, I’m checking with internal team to see if can share the status, please stay tuned.

Hello Kaycc,

I’m awaiting your response. It would be very grateful if you could let me know.


Hi Parashuram.Biradar

Thanks for your patience.
The codec is not supported out of the box in Jetpack releases. Mostly the reason is there are N number of audio codecs that users want to integrate on the development platform and the codec driver is not owned by NVIDIA in such cases. Hopefully there will be a repository in future which can list down all the codecs supported.

But for now, I can help you on the integration of your audio codec.
I suggest you to go through below reference on the process of integration:

Audio Setup and Development — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation (refer to DT and driver changes required).

In case you see any issues, go through if you are facing one of the listed issues.

In case you still face the issues, update here with necessary logs.


Hello spujar,

Thank you for your response and will check out the link you provided. If further support is required, I’ll let you know.