tmpgenc 4.0 xpress: cannot enable CUDA Running 9600 GT and 8800 ( NOT SLI )

Beste Forum members and admins,

I have a question.
When I bought my 8800 GTS i became interessted in CUDA. First for gaming ofcourse but after that i saw some big other advantages as acceleration with video encoding or correction with program’s like Tmpgenc. I was very disapointed when i found ( after a lot of googling ) That my core was actually not supported for that. Now I bought a 9600 GT en placed this card in my second PCIE slot:

8800GTS as primairy for rendering
9600 GT for Phsyics

For games this works perfectly. But again video encoding program like Tmpgenc 4.0 express doesn’t recognize any cuda enabled card to do te jop.
Is the 9600 GT again not supported ?

help me please

Thanks in advance


Is it a stupid qeustion i am asking or can’t really anyone help me out or give me some info why it is not availeble on de 9600 ?


I dont know much about that program, but what driver are you on, and do you get an error message looking for a CUDA GPU?

If so, post the exact message.

First of all this forum is mainly for Developers of CUDA applications, So why do you think you will get support for a 3rd party program from this forum.

2nd, The program you have cough purchased is made by someone other than Nvidia, which means you should likely contact the developers of the program either via there suppport Email or at least there forums.

Topic can be closed.
The 9600 needs te be de primary card in order to function with Tmpgenc.