Total 8 camera AGX ORIN

Hello, I currently have 8 cameras, 8x2lane, directly connected to the CSI A-H port. May I ask if there is any method for me to simultaneously capture these four EFGH cameras? Does the new kernel driver version support direct collection of 8-channel data? What should I do if I use a virtual channel or other methods? How should virtual channels be set up?Do we need to make changes to the hardware?
thank you

hello wf1,

as you can see in Jetson AGX Orin Series Design Guide.

… six dual lane cameras (total of six in any configuration) are available.

may I know what’s your real use-case.
you’ll need to enable virtual channel support for more than 6-camera in your system.
please see-also developer guide, Jetson Virtual Channel with GMSL Camera Framework.

you may also contact with Jetson Camera Partners for camera solutions.

I currently have 8 cameras, including PORT E and PORT F. I have also connected two cameras. However, according to the manual, it is not supported to capture 2 channels of video at the same time. The MIPI virtual channel output by the camera is different, but I now have cameras connected to both E and F on my hardware. The camera can also set virtual channel IDs. How can I change the device tree to directly capture 2 channels of cameras

hello wf1,

may I know what’s your real use-case.
please see-also developer guide, Port Index. there’re only six VI stream index. and, there’s only single VI stream for CSI port CSI-E and CSI-F.

please using other CSI ports if you need to enable these two at the same time.

I collected 8 CSI cameras, of which 2 were directly connected to CSI-E CSI-F. I want to capture videos of E and F simultaneously. The virtual channel IDs of these two cameras are different. Can I capture them? If it is necessary to use a CSI aggregator to directly synthesize two CSI cameras into one CSI output, is there a suitable chip recommended?

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