Trouble building OpenMPI on OpenPower


trying to build OpenMPI 2.0.1 with PGI 16.10 on an OpenPower system, I am getting this error:
/bin/sh …/…/…/libtool --tag=CC --mode=link pgcc -O -DNDEBUG -o opal_wrapper opal_wrapper.o …/…/…/opal/ -lrt -lutil
libtool: link: pgcc -O -DNDEBUG -o .libs/opal_wrapper opal_wrapper.o …/…/…/opal/.libs/ -lm -lpciaccess -lrt -lutil -Wl,-rpath -Wl,/uufs/
…/…/…/opal/.libs/ undefined reference to opal_atomic_sc_64' ../../../opal/.libs/ undefined reference to opal_atomic_ll_64’
…/…/…/opal/.libs/ undefined reference to `opal_atomic_swap_64’

I am configuring very simply by just using --prefix, as:
…/…/…/srcdir/openmpi/2.0.1/configure -prefix=/uufs/

Since you ship OpenMPI 1.10.2 with the OpenPower PGI distribution, would you please mind replying with what parameters you used for this build? I have tried to build 1.10.5, it does build but the MPI executables segfault in MPI_Finalize. I also am not successful in running the PGI build OpenMPI 1.10.2 since our OpenPower system does not have InfiniBand stack installed, while your OpenMPI seems to have been built with it.



The 17.1 linuxpower release will have openmpi 2.0.1 in it.

I am not sure engineering is ready to help users with manual
builds on linuxpower yet, but I will relate your issues.



Unfortunately, Open MPI 2.0.1 has been delayed and will not ship in 17.1, due to some issues that popped up in test. For the time being, we will remain at 1.10.2. We hope to ship the newer version in a future release.

That said, I have successfully built Open MPI 2.0.1 on linuxpower here. It does require two patches to the source code to build and run correctly, which is probably why you ran into the segfaults. In spite of the test system issues, I have been able to run a number of MPI programs with 2.0.1 on linuxpower. Can you tell us what options you are passing to ./configure to configure your own build?

I will send my patches to Dave to relay onward to you.

Best regards,