Trouble Flashing Jetson Nano Dev Boards

Good news, I followed the steps from the post provided by Wayne and I managed to get both boards to flash and boot again. Below are the steps I performed:

  • Add lines BCFFILE="bootloader/${target_board}/cfg/board_config_p3448.xml" to file p3448-0000.conf.common
  • Add lines BOARDID=“3448”; and FAB=“000”; to file p3449-0000+p3448-0000-qspi-sd.conf
  • Ran flash script: sudo ./ jetson-nano-devkit mmcblk0p1
  • The process was able to flash successfully and attempted to boot. However I found that the boot process would result in a black screen for several minutes before showing console stuck (unable to reach 1st time setup). I believe this is due to EEPROM checksum being invalid.
  • I had to Ctrl+Alt+F2 to reach alternative TTY. Root is locked out by default so I had to insert SD card manually into a PC and modify /etc/passwd to allow root to login without password.
  • Upon performing i2cdump, I found that the EEPROM appeared correct except for the checksum, so I calculated the proper checksum for the data (CRC8) and modified the checksum using i2cset i2cset -f 2 0x50 0xFF [checksum byte]
  • I noticed that even after this the system still took several minutes to boot and show anything and still wouldn’t show the greeter. So I re-flashed using again but without the modifications to the conf and common files detailed above (stock L4T scripts).
  • After 2nd flash system booted and 1st time setup came up.

One thing I found that is strange is that the mac address of the Ethernet port doesn’t match whats in the EEPROM. ip link reveals that the mac address is 96:44:19:58:f6:cf for both of the jetsons I repaired. The eeprom for one of them has a mac address of 00:04:4b:eb:d9:75. I’ve attached a boot log as I saw some messages about reading the mac address for the r8168 device (ethernet).

journaloutput_jetson.log (364.4 KB)