Trouble with CUDA Sample: Volume Rendering

Hello, im a newer here and just started learning cuda.
When I try to see how volume rendering work in cuda,I find there exist some errors in the .cu file.

// 3D texture
texture<VolumeType, 3, VolumeTypeInfo<VolumeType>::readMode>  volumeTex;
// 1D transfer function texture
texture<float4, 1, cudaReadModeElementType>           transferTex;
// 1D transfer integration texture
texture<float4, 1, cudaReadModeElementType>           transferIntegrateTex;
surface<void, 1>                                      transferIntegrateSurf;
// 2D layered preintegrated transfer function texture
texture<float4, cudaTextureType2DLayered,cudaReadModeElementType>   transferLayerPreintTex;
surface<void, cudaSurfaceType2DLayered>                             transferLayerPreintSurf;

These texture method and surface method not work. It mentions that there no such type of sample.
But all the include files work good.

Please help me, thank you!