Trying to thermally throttle the Jetson Nano but it gets throttled by overcurrent


I am trying to stress out my Jetson Nano 2GB (Jetpack 4.6.2) by running a TensorFlow Matrix Multiplication program. It seems to be working to get the GPU stressed but I get the “System throttled due to Over-current” message when the GPU reaches around 85°C. And then the temperature refuses to rise above 90°C on the GPU so thermal throttling never occurs.

My question is, what exactly does the message “System throttled due to Over-current” mean? Is my power brick not able to provide 3A of current? Or is it providing more current than required causing the Jetson Nano to throttle?

Also, what does Over-current throttle do? Cause the CPU or GPU clock speed doesn’t seem to be dropping.

I tried two different 5V 3A power bricks and both gave the same results.

Is there a way I can not make it throttle due to over current? I want to make it throttle by heat (going above 97.5°C on the GPU).

Any help appreciated.


It is protection mechanism to the module. We would suggest keep it to avoid overcurrent happening and harming the module physically.

Please note there’s risk, but you may try
System throttled due to over-current? - #58 by JerryChang

Thank you for your response.

The link you provided is for a Jetson Xavier NX. I am using a Jetson Nano 2GB.

There is no “c250000.i2c” under “/sys/devices/”.

Is there a different way to do it on the Jetson Nano 2GB?

EDIT: Also, I am using a 5V, 3A power brick to power the Jetson Nano 2GB. If there is over current, is it possible that the Jetson Nano is drawing more than 3A from these power bricks?



Another question if you don’t mind.

When I get the “System throttled due to Over-current” message, what exactly does it throttle?

Cause the CPU, GPU and EMC (RAM) clock speeds all seem to be staying the same at their maximum.


Have checked with teams and the message System throttled due to Over-current is mostly under voltage on Jetson Nano. If the input voltage drops to under 4.5V, it also prints this message. Sorry that it is confusing to print OC and under voltage in same message.

The throttling is to lower the clock speed for a short time, so it may not be noticeable from the prints. You can execute sudo tegrastats --interval 500 to print the status in 500ms interval. May be able to catch the moment of throttling.

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