Trying to use OpenACC on the NVidia Tegra TK1

We purchased a few Tegra TK1 SBCs in order to evaluate this SBC for usage in our embedded GPGPU applications.
We are now experimenting with CUDA on the NVidia Tegra TK1 and comparing it to Intel OpenCL on Intel based SBCs.
We have also been experimenting with Intel Cilk on Intel based SBCs and want to compare it to OpenACC on the NVidia Tegra TK1.
We were not able to find out from NVidia Tegra TK1 documentation or OpenACC documentation if this could be done.
Is it possible to use OpenACC on the NVidia Tegra TK1 ?

It looks like people have had it running before:

Doesn’t look like anyone officially supports OpenACC on the TK1, however. Also keep an eye out in case versions have changed, you might need to install something newer (or older) than what’s in the tutorials, I think L4T at the very least has been updated since those tutorials have been published.

Hi all,

roeig your academic research or business work?

if research, you have published any results?