TTY becomes blurry after nvidia driver module load

TTY becomes blurry after nvidia driver module load
To uninstall the driver (if there’s a problem), i have to blindly reboot at runlevel 3

I can confirm this. Has been this way for all 346.* drivers. I don’t use any display manager, so when I boot the machine I’m met with TTY1 where I login and manually startx when that is what I want to do. When it is first booted up TTY looks “normal” but as soon as I startx and later logout the TTYs are then blurry until a reboot.

It actually forces the console resolution to 640x480 now. Any previous console fonts stay, so they’re scaled incorrectly to fit the boxes in 640x480.

I can guarantee you’re not using text mode, as that ends up just a little fuzzy, so try using a framebuffer resolution of 640x480, it should be razor sharp.

Hopefully, this might be a forerunner to fb console support.

I am having this issue too. I am using 1920x1200 framebuffer mode, and the console looks fine until X starts. After that it gets blurry.

I did notice that when this happens my monitor reports being in 640x480 resolution (as Bear0so) mentioned.

I hope this gets fixed, because using 640x480 mode on a modern monitor is not a pleasant experience.

It is fixed for me with vanilla kernel 3.19 and nvidia driver 346.47. No more blurry TTYs after X started. Debian Sid / GTX 970.

i have just upgraded to kernel 3.19.1 problem remains. why is there no fix out???

]Its a problem with generic LED tvs being used as monitors. The windows basic display driver works fine but when u install the nvidia driver the text becomes blurry and images grainy. There are a few programs that i found helpful. If you tinker with the settings then save and reboot. this was a complete fix for me. There are instructions on the site. Again this was a fix for me but all cases are unique, buts it’s a hell of a lot less frustrating than trying to deal with an edid edit tool. which insignia, and several other displays have no edid listed.