twinview problem in 3.xx drivers

system info:

os: linux mint debian edition
kernel: 3.2.0-4-686-pae
gfx card = gtx 560 ti

monitor setup:
primary -> dvi
secondary -> dvi to vga adapter.


So while my system runs fine with he 295 driver ive had some serious problems with 304, 310 and 313.
Im not sure of exactly what was wrong but the nvidia-settings gui was generally wonky where applied settings dindn’t always correspond to the real state of my screens.

Also, and this is probably the important bit, my settings would not be retained after a reboot or x restart. Usually my secondary monitor would just turn off and i would have to setup my screens again but i also had problems running some fullscreen programs which would cause my primary monitor to turn of and set my secondary as my primary.

I tried manually editing and regenerating my xorg.conf file with no success. The only thing which worked was reverting to the 295.75 driver (no experienced problems at all).

So while my problem is no longer immediate i learned while trying out the new 3.7 kernel that 295.75 will not compile on kernels newer than 3.5 i believe. So this got me more concerned about finding a fix for this problem.

Sorry for not being more specific, I am not overly proficient with linux but ill do my best to provide any additional information if needed. Ill be grateful to hear of any suggestions you might have