TX1 + Kinect v2 + ROS?

Has anyone gotten the KinectV2 working on ROS?

On L4t 23.2,
I have ROS Jade running great.
I have Libfreenect2 working great. (Thanks for the on board usb fix nvidia).

But as far as I know the only software that can use Libfrenect in ROS is iai_kinect2 and it’s kinect_bridge.

I’ve gotten past making iai_kinect2 use the opencv4tegra libraries.
Iai_kinect2 seems to be using libopencv_ocl which is not included in opencv4tegra.

Has anyone fixed this problem?
Is there another software stack that would work?
An older version?

Or is it time to give up on the Kinect2 and get a Zed?


You would need to find an alternative to libopencv_ocl, as OpenCL is not supported on Jetson.

The OpenPTrack project uses Kinect V2, ROS and Jetsons. The instructions are a little dated (they don’t include the NVIDIA USB patch), but the gist is there. Installation instructions:



They have a version of IAI_KINECT2 for the Jetson:

cd /home/ubuntu/workspace/ros/catkin/src
git clone https://github.com/OpenPTrack/iai_kinect2
cd iai_kinect2
git checkout jetson-dev

make sure to follow the directions on the wiki to modify the CMakeLists before compiling

I just followed your advice to install the iai_kinect2 for the Jetson, but it’s complicated. then i installed the package in the //github.com/code-iai/iai_kinect2.git. it’s ok to run the kinect2_bridge and kinect2_viewer with no problem. I wonder how to kown if your OPencl not support the TX1??

I don’t understand your question. Were you able to install iai_kinect2 from the OpenPTrack project and get it to work properly?