TX1: Sampling frequency supported for Playback

Dear All,

We are working on a TX1 module with 24.2.1 OS.

We are using an audio codec with playback support.

We have successfully enabled the run-time modification of the sampling frequency. But only some of the frequencies are been working fine.

Working frequencies,

  • 8 KHz
  • 16 KHz
  • 32 KHz
  • 44.1 KHz
  • 48 KHz

Non-working frequencies,

  • 22.05 KHz

We would like to know, does the TX1 supported the 22.05 frequency or not.


I assume that this is an I2S based codec? I can confirm that we do support 22.050kHz sampling rates with regard to the I2S interface. What is the issue you observed with 22.050kHz?