Tx2-4g r32.3.1 tlv320aic3100 amixer info

so I run amixer -c 1 to see the amixer stuff for my device, and then I look for “x Playback” and I can’t find it.

this is the complete amixer -c 1 >/tmp/amixer.out

fgrep Playback /tmp/amixer.out | fgrep "x "
does not find “x Playback”

amixer.out (234.8 KB)

I am looking for “x Playback” because it is in the /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/trace file.

I don’t see it in the device tree, or the tlv320aic31xx.c file either.


Hi terrysu50z,

Only dapm control type widgets shall appear in amixer’s output while “x Playback” seems to be dapm path domain widget and therefore appears in trace

Could you share entire trace


trace and debug info in this topic

Ok then. Closing this one and following up on the discussion in new post