Tx2 desktop aways crash on custom board

question:desktop aways crash,but kernel kernel is still working.
The following is the system log, please help to see which hardware failure.
159_2020-10-28_11-36-48.log (245.6 KB)


I see you have DP driver running and yes the kernel log looks good.

Please note that it is kind of common sense to share the detail of your custom carrier board when you want people here to help debug. We are not your hardware engineer, so what I can tell now is the driver log looks good.

I used DP, HDMI dual display output, use usb2-0, usb2-1, usb2-2, usb3-0, and connected to the PCI 4x1 device.
Is the DP or HDMI driver still working?

I see DP driver is working but HDMI does not.

The phenomenon of the problem: when the desktop is not responding to mouse click, but the UI developed by QT is still running and changing itself according to the program logic

I can’t understand the log. Which log shows that HDMI is not working? Maybe I can fix it.


Just search the keyword “hdmi” in your log and you will see it.

Currently, below log shows controller @ 15220000 is used by DP.

[ 619.779332] tegradc 15220000.nvdisplay: tegra_dp_get_bpp: vmode=0x10200000 did not specify bpp

So I checked another controller and see hdmi error.

[ 1.160276] tegradc 15210000.nvdisplay: vpulse3 syncpt # 9 for dc 1
[ 1.161077] tegradc 15210000.nvdisplay: dc_hdmi_hotplug_init: couldn’t get regulator vdd_hdmi_5v0, -517
[ 1.168520] tegradc 15210000.nvdisplay: hdmi: invalid prod list prod_list_hdmi_board
[ 1.168524] tegradc 15210000.nvdisplay: hdmi: tegra_hdmi_tmds_range_read(bd) failed
[ 1.171304] tegradc 15210000.nvdisplay: probed

Also, the last line from your log says the 15210000 is blanked. So HDMI monitor should not be in working state.

[ 632.986440] tegradc 15220000.nvdisplay: unblank
[ 632.986450] tegradc 15210000.nvdisplay: blank - powerdown
[ 636.651026] tegradc 15220000.nvdisplay: unblank
[ 636.651039] tegradc 15210000.nvdisplay: blank - powerdown

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thank you very much.

I’ve tested HDMI and DP, and they’re normal. I think the problem may be elsewhere.

Recently, I encountered the problem of boot failure. If the boot fails, the launcher is red, and if the boot is successful, the launcher is green. I add some programs in the startup process, using crontab - e @ reboot CMD,
Does my self startup affect the system startup process?

171_2020-11-05_11-25-45.log (211.2 KB)

Your original problem in this topic is desktop crash.
If what you are saying now is not related to it, please file new topic.

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