TX2 enable debug prints on ttyS0

Dear all,

how can we enable the dev_dbg do be printed ttyS0?

we only see the dev_info prints.

what have to be set in the device tree (tegra186-quill-p3310-1000-a00-00-base.dts) and extlinux.conf


Is this a custom board? FYI, logging facilities (once in Linux…this excludes U-Boot) won’t care if the output is to a log file, a physically present console, or a serial console. Most of that is rsyslog (see “/etc/rsyslog.d/*” and “man rsyslogd” or “man rsyslog.conf”).

On the other hand, you are more likely talking about something needing to be enabled directly in the kernel. Is this what you are looking for?
…if this is the case you will need to rebuild your kernel (start with “/proc/config.gz” for config).


we solved the problem by adding “loglevel=8” in the “p2771-0000.conf.common” file

CMDLINE_ADD=“console=ttyS0,115200n8 console=tty0 loglevel=8 OS=l4t fbcon=map:0 net.ifnames=0”;