TX2 NX module failed to flash image on custom carrier board

We designed our own carrier board target TX2 NX module. When try to use the recovery USB port to flash the image. It shows:

[0023.134] E> tegrabl_i2c_open: failed error = 13098006
[0023.139] E> EEPROM module cvm not recognized
[0023.143] E> Error while reading cvm EEPROM

Does it seems the cvm EEPROM address is conflict with our I2C devices on carrier? If it is, what’s the address of the cvm EEPROM?


Hi diverger,

What’s your Jetpack version in use?

Does your TX2 NX module work on the devkit?

You could refer to the following instruction about the EEPROM layout and its I2C address.
Jetson Module EEPROM Layout

I see the address is 0x50 on I2C2, but we have no other I2C devices with address 0x50 on this bus. So, no address confliction.


Could you share the result of the following command on your board?

$ i2cdetect -y 0
$ i2cdetect -y 1

Hi, below is the output of the commands:


Please also share the result of bus 2

$ i2cdetect -y 2

What’s your I2C devices and EEPROM on the custom carrier board different from the devkit?


Per the design guide of TX2 NX, the I2C2 on the schematic is gen8 in the system, it has a eeprom with 0x50 on it. And the camera I2C is gen2, it has a PMIC chip with address 0x40 on it. ‘i2cdetect -y 2’ will read gen2 i2c, and it showed the PMIC there. But when we run ‘i2cdetect -y 8’, it stuck there. That is, we can’t scan gen2 bus. Does it means we can’t read from 0x50?


It should read I2C2 bus. Could you share the result of the I2C devices on I2C2?

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