TX2 NX SD card can not be used in custom board

Dear all,

I have tx2 nx and custom board. In my board , there is a sd card slot. I can not enable this sd card slot here. sdhci3440000 is mistaken for sdmmc1. In my past experiense, I put sdhci@3440000 after sdhci@3400000 in dts and then can solve this problem. But it cannot work this time. Here are my error, sd card design, device tree file and dmesg.
My board design:

My dmesg log:

full log:
dmesg.log (60.3 KB)

My sdmmc3 dts


full dts:
output1.dts.txt (227.5 KB)

There is a bcmdhd_wlan node added after rel-32.6, please remove it from your device tree. Otherwise it will interrupt the sdcard slot.

Thanks WayneWWW.
I have remove bcmdhd_wlan node from my device tree. But it does not work. The error is the same. Nothing is changed.
output.dts (2).txt (227.1 KB)

I think you better reading the dts by yourself first…

Per checked your device tree does not match your expectation…

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