TX2 PCIe 10GbitE add on cards

In the Jetson AGX Xavier forum there is a post, https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1046654/jetson-agx-xavier/jetson-xavier-pcie-add-on-cards-tested/post/5311763/#5311763, that lists PCIe add on cards that have been tested to work on the Jetson AGX Xavier.

Is there a similar list somewhere for the Jetson TX2? Specifically, I am seeking 10Gb PCIe cards to use.

Also, are there members that have successfully used a 10Gb PCIe card on the Jetson TX2?

All I have found evidence of so far is the Intel X540T2 Converged Network Adapter.

We don’t have any new card tested on TX2. I think other forum users could share their result here.

@WayneWWW Thank you for the quick response. Is it correct that the Intel X540T2 is the only card that Nvidia has tested on the Jetson TX2? Also, to use the Intel card do you have to install any software or will the TX2 just recognize it at startup and it is immediately usable?

Hi lcook,

No, every card needs it own driver from their vendor (like Intel) to work. If you could see your pcie card in “lspci”, then pcie driver part should be no problem.

I will check with our team to see if we have other cards now.

WayneWWW, I thought a driver would be needed but after reading various posts I wasn’t 100% sure that was the case. Thanks for the confirmation.

When you speak with your team, could you ask about whether in their experience the Intel runs overly hot? I have read in various places about it running hot (and shutting down) but believe that may only be cards that are not real Intel cards. Our use will be in an enclosure, so I am a bit concerned.

Hi lcook,

I need to make sure you understood my words here. What I wanted to point out is “yes, you still need a driver”. PCIe driver is a rather low level part here. For example, if I put Intel card on tegra and “lspci” shows the info of this card. It means the pcie bus is able to recognize this card but it does not mean working. You need install/enable some drivers from vendor and then it has chance to work.

When you speak with your team, could you ask about whether in their experience the Intel runs overly hot?

This info is a little hard to be answered… We cannot deal with the thermal issue on Intel’s card or waiting to observe this behavior.

If you have any project detail that cannot be revealed on forum but you want to discuss with us, please contact nvidia sales for it.

WayneWWW, I believe I understood your driver response. But to be certain, in my words, the base TX2 system would see the Intel as a valid PCIe card and would communicate with it in a very basic way to confirm its presence and identity if it is plugged in without a driver. The Intel driver is necessary to actually use the card’s functions.

As far as the heat issue, I had seen anecdotal evidence about the heating and was just wondering if your team had seen anything unusual. I understand if they don’t want to say in the forum. If we go forward with this and need more formal information we will pursue thru more formal channels with Nvidia and Intel.