TX2 with Basler ethernet camera drop a lot of frame [System performance limitation]

We are using the basler gige camera (bandwidth = 112MB/s)and plug in Intel I210 Adapter on TX2. The frame rate is not stable, trying to maximizing performance by using the “jetson_clocks.sh”. So, it is helpful. However the error information means " The buffer was incompletely grabbed" still happened. But the frequency of occurrence is not very fast.Is anyone can help us to explain what is the root cause. eg. The CPU core (ARM) could not handle the much more Ethernet package transmission.Therefore, I did the same experiment on X86 platform(core i7) then the results is fine. How should I know that how the TX2 CPU core handling IO or CPU frequency is too low to acquire so much data. Could someone help me out?


When your app is running, please run our tool “sudo tegrastats” and it will show the utility of your CPU/GPU.

Why do you need Intel I210 adapter instead of our onboard eth port?

We want to plug more GiGE camera.So, the onboard port is not enough.

The following is Basler Testing Note about TX1, Then we need to integrate the I210 Adapter to TX2.

Basler Testing Note
The TX1 on the other hand, suffered heavy packet and image losses.
Despite our best efforts, only low-bandwidth stability was achieved. The TX1 uses a different
Gigabit Ethernet chipset than the TK1, the RTL8153AI-VB-CG, which connects to the host
processor via USB 3.0 instead of PCIe. This could be a problem and should be investigated

Our Goal
The target is that we need to make sure the TX2 pcie bandwidth is correctly.
Furthermore, we will plug the usb3.0/gige camera to testing the performance. (TX2 system performance)