UART(M.2 interface & /dev/ttyTHS2) data corruption on Nano

Please check this:
Jetson Nano - Disable Serial Console to use all 3 UARTS - #6 by Bibek

So in your use-case, you use UART0 on the M2 key and see additional two bytes(two 0x00 0x00) in each transmission. Is this correct? And please share which Jetpack version you use.


How does Jetson Nano - Disable Serial Console to use all 3 UARTS - #6 by Bibek useful in this issue?

Please find Jetson Nano Development kit information below.
L4T 32.6.1 [ JetPack 4.6 ]
Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS
Kernel Version: 4.9.253-tegra

We are using for the testing.

I think the point with the “Disable Serial Console” is that you have to be absolutely certain that a second program (in this case a serial console) is not interacting.

Had this test not been loopback the stray NULL bytes could have been from one side having more stop bytes. If in loopback there are stray bytes due to stop bytes, then this would probably be due to something going wrong in the driver. If serial console is still active, then it isn’t truly loopback.

Thanks for sharing the release version. Please confirm which UART you use to communicate with another device and see the corruption:

UART2 for debug. Only TX and RX available
UART0 on the M2 Key
UART1 @ 40 pin connector


We are using UART0 on the M2 key which is accessible through /dev/ttyTHS2.

So far the issue is not seen on Jetson Nano developer kit and looks specific to connecting to the custom controller.

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