Ubuntu 16.04.04 LTS install cuda 9.0 problem !

On the previus Ubuntu 16.04.03 without any security update i was able to install cuda 9.0 by installing cuda_9.0.176_384.81_linux.run and the relative patch.
Now i need to install it on Ubuntu 16.04.04 and i encountered problems it’s show me:
The driver istallation is unable to locate the kernel source…
i try to put the flag --kernel-source-path=/usr/src/linux-header-4.13.0-36-generic

But the same result:
Driver: Installation Failed
Toolkit: Installation skipped
Samples: Installation skipped

any suggestions ?

Don’t use the .run installer. Use the ubuntu graphics ppa to install the driver, then download the cuda .deb and install just cuda-toolkit, not the full cuda.