Ubuntu 16.04 TS with Tesla V100 on XenServer 7.5

Hi All,

We are doing another PoC on Graphics on IBM SoftLayer. We have been given Bare Metal server which has NVIDIA Tesla V100 and we built XenServer 7.5 on Bare Metal. We are deploying Citrix XenDesktop 7.18 to deliver the VDI. VDI’s are built on Ubuntu 16.04 TS (desktop version). The Ubuntu Desktop has been assigned one GPU with Passthru profile.

Ubuntu desktop can detect the GPU Assigned and installed the required nVIDIA drivers from the Ubuntu Proprietary repository (384.130). We also installed the nVidia-Cuda-Toolkit from the repository (and Version shows as 7.5.17). After the reboot of Ubuntu Desktop, when we try to login in GUI console, it is bringing back to login screen. When we do SSH to the server and run command “nvidia-smi” it does show the drivers installed.

Can someone help in how to install the nVIDIA Drivers and have the VDI successfully be able to login.

I have installed a test machine and installed the NVIDIA Drivers and Cuda Toolkit first and we have the problem that cannot login to GUI Console (from XenCenter Console). I have not even installed the Citrix VDA.

Am I missing something here?