Ubuntu 20.04 on JetPack 4.5?

Hello, i know this is a requested feature and is in the work for future JP. I’m wondering if there is any way to upgrade to 20.04 now? I saw some methods to upgrade to 20.04 but this was performed for JP 4.4, have anyone been able to upgrade to 20.04 on JP 4.5?


Hi ArtofWar, you could try upgrading your Xavier to 20.04 as shown in this blog post:

I haven’t tried this myself yet, so you should backup your work first before upgrading.

Note however that CUDA 10.2 doesn’t work with the default compiler in Ubuntu 20.04 (too new). You’ll need to apply some patches or force an older compiler for nvcc.

Jetson didn’t get CUDA 11 yet, so might be worth keeping that in mind.

Update: I test the guide, above it work on JP 4.4 but not on 4.5 it bricked my AGX Xavier, had to reflash back to stock.