Ubuntu 22.04.1 - Xid 8 error causing X to freeze

X server is freezing randomly, sometimes it takes a couple hours for it to freeze. It always unfreezes after a couple of seconds. When it freezes, only the audio works, the mouse and any other part of the interface is frozen.

I have noticed that if I’m playing CounterStrike GO or using Intellij the freeze is more frequent.

Driver: 550.67, error was also happening on nvidia-driver-390(can’t remember the minor version)
Linux Kernel: is 6.5.0-28 but it also happened in the past with earlier versions of the kernel.
GPU: Geforce gtx 1080ti (EVGA)
BIOS is updated.
Motherboard: ASUS STRIX Z270F GAMING, BIOS 1301 03/14/2018 (latest bios update)

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (959.1 KB)

The gpu is likely broken, please use gpu-burn to check.

I ran gpu-burn for 10 minutes and everything was Ok.

I have placed the gpu in another slot. Let’s see if the error persists.
If it doesn’t fix, I’ll try these steps:

  • install a more stable linux
  • install this GPU in another computer
  • use another gpu in my computer and check if it’s something unrelated to this GPU.

Changing slots didn’t work.

I have noticed that the gpu was not using separate power cables, do you know if this can cause xid 8?
I will see if the freeze happens and report here, in case anyone is going through the same thing.

If it doesn´t work, I’ll use my onboard intel hd graphics and remove the displays from the nvidia gpu. Using it only to run ollama.