Ubuntu 32 or 64 bit for CUDA?

About to give CUDA a shot with Ubuntu, was wondering is it better to go with the 32 bit or the 64 bit version? Which is far less likely to give me issues?

I do have Vista 64 at the moment, so this would only be installed for CUDA purposes. I have an i7 920 processor with a 560 ti GPU. What do you guys suggest?

I should put extra emphasis on this, I want programming to be easier and far less likely to pop up issues, performance is not a factor for me.

I’d always go with the 64 bit version, which still allows you to use (and write, should you wish to) 32 bit software, while the opposite direction (64 bit software on a 32 bit system) does not work.

Anyway 32 and 64 bit systems are far more similar technically (and better integrated) than under Windows, so none should cause significantly more issues than the other.

I have so many problems with CUDA on Windows Vista and Visual Studio that it got to point where I thought about asking for my money back from Nvidia. Instructions and guides were designed specifically for 32 bit OS users and if anythign was for 64, they said do the same but change to x64, well it didn’t work, it still hasn’t worked and I think they need to fix themselves up.

I need to read the support for Linux, if it’s all for 32 bit, then I’m going to install that today. I just wanted to see if there are Ubuntu 64 users who’ve had major problems with this because on Windows everyone seems to be having a bucketload of problems.