Ubuntu Additional drivers list is empty

Hello everyone, I have Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS and everything used to work for me using standard nvidia-driver-525 driver from “additional drivers”.

First strange symptom was - black screen instead of login page when I tried to log off.
Then I decided to switch off autologin setting to see login page after reboot, but again same issue - I couldn’t login anymore.
(reason why I wanted login page - try to switch from wayland to xorg)
I was able to login through choosing diagnostics mode and then procceed with normal staurtup,
but after that I noticed video performance degradation.
In “additional drivers” settings I so zero options:

Driver nvidia-driver-525 was still installed but was not used:

I tried to purge everything related to nvidia and install nvidia-driver-525 again in terminal,
but it didin’t help.

Please check my xorg config and bug report log in attachemnts:

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (108.1 KB)

xorg.conf (1.3 KB)

And additional question, from performance perspective does it matter if I am running Ubumtu with wayland or xorg?
Should I expect any difficulties with nvidia driver if I want to switch to xorg?

There’s no nvidia gpu visible in your system anymore. Please check bios settings, maybe it just died.

Looks like warranty case, thank you for help :`(

I don’t see anything related to video card in BIOS (UEFI actually) even related to integrated intel card which is still alive. I am wondering how video card death could be triggered by Ubuntu login screen.

Maybe makes sense try to boot from Ubuntu live pendrive and try to scan hardware again?

Ok, checked being booted from live pendrive, same missing GPU,
thanks for help.