Installing nvidia driver crashed Ubuntu


I just installed Ubuntu 22.04 in a dual boot system alongside Windows 11. After installing the Nvidia drivers from the “Additional Drivers” tab in Ubuntu’s Software & Updates, I cannot log in back into Ubuntu. It usually hangs at the login screen, but sometimes I get a black screen after selecting Ubuntu from Grub.

I tried several driver versions, but the problem persists. Reading previous posts, I also disabled secure boot, TPM 2.0, and fast boot but that did not help. The only way to restore Ubuntu, is booting into recovery mode and uninstalling the installed nvidia packages.

My GPU is Nvidia rtx 2080 ti, and the nvidia_bug_report is attached. Please also note that running hangs, so I had to run it with the recommended options: --safe-mode and --extra-system-data. The uploaded nvidia_bug_report was generated after installing the nvidia_470 driver.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (68.2 KB)

No idea, everything is loading fine and then the nvidia gpu freezes out of the blue, no errors logged at all. Bios already updated to latest, memory timings seem fine.
Usually, I’d tend to the gpu being broken but I guess it’s working fine on Windows? Any nvlddmkm reports in Windows event log?

I have an update on this issue.

It turns out that turning the hardware acceleration setting off in the browsers I’m using (firefox and chrome) fixed the issue, so far at least. It might be that I had a browser open every time I experienced a crash.