Ubuntu gets very slow and freeze after installing nvidia drivers

I have a fresh install of ubuntu 20.04 and I have a GTX1080. The system worked smoothly at first, but as soon as I installed nvidia driver it became very slow. Heavy stuttering can be observed even when moving the curser, the system often got completely frozen (I have to cut the power when this happens.).

I tried both 450 and 455 drivers, both had the same problem. But the xorg nouaevu drivers is fine.

I suspect this is a hardware issue, something like the graphics card or the power supply is faulty. How should I diagnose?nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (283.1 KB)


The situation is getting worse, before the system will freeze after several minutes, but now the system won’t even boot, or straight go to frozen right after logging in. I was lucky once to successfully run the nvidia-bug-report.sh to get the gz file.

I’ve tried countless hard reboots just to try to launch the browser and upload it here, but the system hasn’t last long enough for me to do that.

You could try to boot to safe mode (holding down ‘shift’ after turning on the computer for the grub menu to appear).
You can also switch to a text console and upload it from there:
If you have internet connection, you can use pastebinit to upload it from console.

  • install pastebinit (sudo apt install pastebinit)
  • unzip logfile (gunzip nvidia-bug-report.log.gz)
  • upload logfile (pastebinit -i nvidia-bug-report.log)
  • note down and post the url you’re given

Thanks for the instruction, I’ve successfully uploaded the bug report.

Unfortunately, no errors or else visible in the logs, everything seems to work fine.
Maybe the log was created before anything was happening. Please try to create a new kernel log
Boot and let the issue happen, wait a bit longer, then reboot to safe mode.
Right after boot, please run
sudo journalctl -b-1 |grep kernel >kernel.txt
and attach kernel.txt to your post.

The system won’t even post now. Light on the motherboard indicate an error. At this point I really think its a hardware issue.

I was hoping system log can help me diagnose, but now it seems I have to do it without any logs.

I’ll upload system log when I get it, thanks for the help.

Yes, seems you have to check all components one by one.

Some updates. I took my computer apart and reassembled it. The system will post now and I seem to have a stable system with nvidia driver 460. I successfully ran Unigine Valley benchmark for 1 hour.

However, still some strange behaviours:

  1. the system will only post when using HDMI. Display Port will not post, and the an LED indicator on the mother board indicates a VGA error.
  2. the system will not recover from sleep, the only way to wake it is to unplug the HDMI cable and plug it into the other port.

I generated a recent bug report, can you please take a look? I still believe there is a hardware issue somewhere, but cannot identify it. Will the log give any hints? I know maybe this is out of the scope of this forum, but I just don’t know how can I solve it otherwise. Thanks so much!

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (446.3 KB)

The only problem showing up in the logs is that the edid of the monitor can’t be read sometimes. Maybe a very subtle flaw of the hdmi cable. Please try with another one.
Furthermore, the bios of your mainboard is outdated, even seems like some pre-production version (version x.0 (?)). Please check if updating it makes the system more stable. That could be the reason for not posting when connecting the monitor to DP.