Ubuntu 18.04 freezes after installing nvidia-driver-470 for Gigabyte GeForce 3060

I am trying to configure an Ubuntu for machine learning on a new system and got stuck installing the nvidia graphics card. After installing the drivers ( I have tried using from the update system, installing manually and using the run script but got the same result) the system freezes after staring a few minutes, or just gets stuck on “started GNOME Display Manager”. In order to run the nvidia-bug-report, I have disabled the GUI on boot, make sure that the nvidia-smi gave a result and run the script.
I have been reading several forums and nothing resolves the issue that I have. Could you please help me figuring out what is the problem?
I really appreciate your help. Thank you very much in advance.

nvidia-bug-report_new.log.gz (482.5 KB)