Ubuntu freezing on boot after Nvidia driver installation

Hi Folks! I have a major problem with Ubuntu and Nvidia drivers which keeps reoccurring.

I first ran on to this issue after running apt upgrade on my system some time ago (Ubuntu 20.04, until this point Nvidia driver 460 had worked just fine).

After the update finished the system simply would not boot with Nvidia driver 460 (or any other Nvidia driver). I tried every trick I could find from this forum and elsewhere with no luck. Since nothing could remedy this issue, I decided to change to Ubuntu 21.04. I did a fresh install of Ubuntu 21.04 and was able to install Nvidia driver 460 without any problem. But again after some updates via apt, the system would not boot (freezed before the login screen, could not get terminal login either).

Unfortunately I don’t know which update was at fault.

Again, I tried every trick I could find with no luck.

Since nothing would work, I decided to do some tests with a fresh install of Ubuntu 21.04 but at this time I could not get the system to boot even after the fresh Os install + installing Nvidia driver 460 via GUI driver tool (additional drivers, this has worked previously).

After this I decided to try Ubuntu 20.04 and see if I can get the system boot after fresh install + Nvidia driver 460 but again, system freezes on boot.

I wen to recovery and tried to run nvidia-bug-report.sh, but it freezed too. I managed to get this bug report to finish with parameter --safe-mode. I notitced that also running nvidia-smi on recovery mode froze the whole system.

Since this issue occurs with fresh Os and different kernel versions, I cannot see many options, either this is a issue with my hardware or the never versions of Nvidia driver 460. With Windows, my system runs fine. I tried to update BIOS but this had no effect.

Bug report:

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (100.3 KB)

I would appreciate some help with this. Thanks!!

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