Black screen at log in screen after installing nvidia drivers. Machine seems to be frozen

I have HP pavillion notebook with geforce 940M card. I tried to install nvidia driver 440 on freshly installed ubuntu 18.04.
I m getting black screen at login and the system seems to be frozen.This does not happen when I reboot the system after fresh installation of ubuntu and graphics driver. This only happens when I shut down my machine and start again. I tried the instructions given on following site:

But nomodeset doesn’t seems to be working for me. I also tried nouveau.modeset =0.
Does anyone have solution for this?

Can you switch to VT (ctrl+alt+f1…f6)? If so, please run as root and attach the resulting nvidia-bug-report.log.gz file to your post. You will have to rename the file ending to something else since the forum software doesn’t accept .gz files (nifty!).

No. System is freezing completely. I m not able to do anything. All i can do is install the ubuntu again. I am a noob in ubuntu so dont know much about it. 😅

Can you boot to safe mode? Hold down shift on boot so the grub menu shows up.

Yes I m able to open the grub menu. I tried the advanced setting but still the system is freezing.

Somehow I was having errors on boot. so I reinstalled the ubuntu and graphics driver. As I had the same problem in previous installations , I think I will have same problems on this installation. here is the bug reportnvidia-bug-report.log (982.5 KB)

I suspect your (known crappy) broadcom wifi is the problem. Please try booting with kernel parameter

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Yes. It actually worked. This is the first time ubuntu has booted after installing nvidia driver. Can you please explain why this happened? And what is the permanent solution?

The wifi card built into your notebook is broken by design. With AER enabled, it produces a storm of pci errors which bring down the whole pci bus so the nvidia gpu can’t work properly (and other devices neither). Using that kernel parameter permanently is the only workaround besides replacing the wifi card with a different model which might not even be possible due to bios whitelist.
Set the parameter and move on.

Ok. Will I have more similar problems in the future because of this wifi card?
Thank you for solving my problem.

As long as the kernel parameter is in place, everything should be fine.
Wifi performance is probably not great but this due to the wifi card being badly designed.

Ok. Thank you.