Unable to access device through RS232 in xavier nx

I have an edge computing device running on xavier nx. I am trying to connect a rs232 device to the device through the rs232 port on the device. The corresponding device file /dev/ttyTHS0 should appear according to the supplier of the device. But it doesn’t appear. What can be the cause and how to solve it?

hello user137142,

may I know which port you’re using on the Xavier DevKit?
you may check this thread, Topic 197003 as see-also. thanks

Additional question: What do you see from:
ls -l /dev/ttyS* /dev/ttyTHS* /dev/ttyUSB* /dev/ttyACM*

Note that the THS* and S* devices are native to the Jetson, and name depends on driver even when a single device might be made available through more than one driver. Connecting hardware to native UART pins will never create a new file name (automatic device special file creation is only for plug-n-play, e.g., USB, but the native UART pins are not plug-n-play).

The default setting is speed 115200, 8N1. If your camera uses a different speed, then this would need to be accounted for. What is the serial UART setting (or range of settings) your device works with? Hopefully your device uses the default of 115200 8N1.

The pins you are using will use logic level 3.3V, so if your camera uses any other level, then it would need a level converter.

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