Unable to Create Docker in Jetson Orin nano

I am trying to run docker service on nvidia jetson orin nano without using SD card using the process mentioned in L4T setup as written here. But upon writing sudo systemctl restart docker I am facing the following error (The error image is attached). I tried to remove it through a lot of ways but still can’t resolve the error. Kindly help me.

@anshbhatia07.nitt what do the logs show if you check them with the commands that it shows there?

Presumably the docker service was running okay before you made the modifications - without knowing the error, my guess is that there’s a typo in your /etc/docker/daemon.json from the changes. Try reverting it to the original contents and see if that helps.

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Thank you very much for your guidance. I had written correctly in daemon.json as mentioned in the github page but apparently the three dots (…) wasn’t required in the file (but it was mentioned in the github). Maybe, I have misunderstood. But now it is working. Thank you very much

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