Jetson-inference docker/ failing

I have a Jetson Orin Nano flashed with Jetpack 5.1.1. I am following (trying to follow) the tutorials from dusty-nv/jetson-inference but I am unable to get my Docker containers started.

This is the output I’m getting:

rob@jets:~/Documents/jetson-inference$ docker/ 
docker/ line 4: docker/containers/scripts/ No such file or directory
docker/ line 6: [: =: unary operator expected
docker/ line 38: [: =: unary operator expected
DATA_VOLUME:    --volume /home/rob/Documents/jetson-inference/data:/jetson-inference/data --volume /home/rob/Documents/jetson-inference/python/training/classification/data:/jetson-inference/python/training/classification/data --volume /home/rob/Documents/jetson-inference/python/training/classification/models:/jetson-inference/python/training/classification/models --volume /home/rob/Documents/jetson-inference/python/training/detection/ssd/data:/jetson-inference/python/training/detection/ssd/data --volume /home/rob/Documents/jetson-inference/python/training/detection/ssd/models:/jetson-inference/python/training/detection/ssd/models --volume /home/rob/Documents/jetson-inference/python/www/recognizer/data:/jetson-inference/python/www/recognizer/data
V4L2_DEVICES:    --device /dev/video0 
localuser:root being added to access control list
DISPLAY_DEVICE: -e DISPLAY=:1 -v /tmp/.X11-unix/:/tmp/.X11-unix
docker/ line 156: [: =: unary operator expected
docker/ line 171: [: =: unary operator expected

I double-checked to make sure Docker was installed:

rob@jets:~/Documents/jetson-inference$ docker --version
Docker version 20.10.21, build 20.10.21-0ubuntu1~20.04.2

I also found this issue on GitHub where the OP had issues with getting the Docker containers working as well. I tried the commands

sudo apt-get install nvidia-container nvidia-container-runtime nvidia-container-toolkit nvidia-docker2


sudo systemctl restart docker.service

but there were not any changes. What am I missing?


docker/containers/scripts/ No such file or directory

The error indicates a missing file.
Could you double-check if the file exists in your environment first?


It did not, and seeing this made me realize that I forgot to include the recursive flag when I cloned the repository. Thank you!

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