unable to dected device GT200


I am unable to launch device. examples while running gives massage as “Using device 0: Device Emulation (CPU)”

i am using NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-173.14.12-pkg2.run to install the drivers.

Few day back i was able to run examples on device with the same drivers.

Please find nvidia-bug-report.log attached with this post.

Could any one please give me some pointer to how to detect the device. and how to run examples on device

nvidia_bug_report.log.zip (30.3 KB)


For what it’s worth, I run 177.67 with my G200 card. May I suggest you try it?
Also, Ubuntu sometimes automatically installs things that break the NVIDIA driver, such as the nvidia-kernel-common package and things like that. Maybe something similar is happening.

173.14.12 has no support for GT200. You must use 177.67 or later.