Unable to locate package libopencv4tegra

I met a Problem that “Unable to locate package libopencv4tegra

I met this problem when I run “sudo apt-get install libopencv4tegra”, when the atumatic installication failed in Jetpack which asked me to “sudo apt-get install libopencv4tegra”.

It seems that I had a bad “source.list” in “/etc/apt/” , so how can I fix this problem

Thanks for your reply

Hi Gehen,

What JetPack version are you install?
You can install “OpenCV for Tegra” via JetPack3.0 directly.

or you can try below command:
sudo add-apt-repository universe sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install libopencv4tegra

Hi carolyuu,

This problem is solved by reinstall all via Jetpack 3.0, including file system .It seems that there is a dismatch between the pre-installed system on Jetson TX1 and the opencv4tegra.