Unable to log in to developer account from SDK Manager: age_restricted


I’m dusting off my Jetson Nano board, which I haven’t used for a while, and I wanted to update the software. After starting the SDK manager and entering the email and password in the login form in the browser, I get an error message “age_restricted. Age requirement is not met”

I used this account previously with the manager, without any problems.

I tried to dig through the profile, but I could not find any age-related settings. Just-in-case I changed the password, but this did not help either.

I would appreciate an advice on how to solve this error.

For future developers struggling with the same problem and coming here after googling the issue: the birth date can be changed at account.nvidia.com

Hi jacek,

Is the issue resolved?

Hi Edward,

Thank you for follow up. The issue is and is not resolved.
Yes, because I found the setting which I needed to change to make the error go away.
No, because the extremely confusing and unhelpful error message will haunt unlucky developers until it will be replaced with something more informative, preferably with a link to account.nvidia.com.

Can we have the error page improved, please?

Hi jacek,

Thank you for your valuable suggestion. We are discussing it internally and will improve accordingly.

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