Unable to login into ngc or anything under nvgs.nvidia.com with Inception account

Hi, my company is in the Inception program, and I’m trying to use that account, myemail@company.com.nvidia, to login into nvidia’s services without success, the login and passwords are correct, but I can’t do the Security Challange, because of the “.nvidia” concatenated with my email address.

I emailed a Developer Relations Manager from nvidia and he pointed me to this forum.

I’m using another account, under the same email, without “.nvidia” to write this message.

With the second one, don’t have access to Inception, and when I tried ngc I got stucked here:

Any ideas?


HI @HanochGriner, thank you for your question and being part of the NVIDIA Inception program!

Your Inception account ending with “.nvidia” is technically not an email address, but is more specifically a username for use on the Inception portal.

NGC requires the use of an email address to login, and hence is not working for you.

Our best recommendation is to use your email address (myemail@company.com) without the “.nvidia” suffix to login and use NGC.

If this does not satisfy your needs, please do write back here and I’d be happy to help explore more with you.

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