Unable to set fpsRange and exposure-time simultaneously with gstreamer

I’m using gstreamer programmatically.

My gstreamer source is configured with the option “fpsRange” set to “6 6”.

Due to blurred photos, I would like to set manually the exposure time

Here are relevants extracts of my code:

m_source = gst_element_factory_make ("nvcamerasrc", "source");
	g_object_set (m_source, "sensor_id", (gint)0, NULL);
	g_object_set (m_source, "wbmode", (gint)0, NULL);
	g_object_set (m_source, "auto-exposure", (gint)1, NULL);
	g_object_set (m_source, "exposure-time", (gfloat)0.1, NULL);
	g_object_set (m_source, "fpsRange", "6 6", NULL);

Without the auto-exposure and exposure time parameter, the image rate is correct.
When I activate these 2 parameters the camera goes up to its maximal framerate (15FPS at this resolution)
and ignore my fpsRange parameter.

I tried to change parameters order without any effect.

Hi nicolas,
Please try to disable ‘auto-exposure’.

It’s what I’m doing with the line:

g_object_set (m_source, "auto-exposure", (gint)1, NULL);

Extract of the doc:

auto-exposure       : property to set auto exposure mode
                      flags: readable, writable
                      Enum "GstNvCamAutoExposureMode" Default: 2, "on"
                         (1): off              - GST_NVCAM_AUTO_EXPOSURE_OFF
                         (2): on               - GST_NVCAM_AUTO_EXPOSURE_ON
                         (3): OnAutoFlash      - GST_NVCAM_AUTO_EXPOSURE_AUTOFLASH
                         (4): OnAlwaysFlash    - GST_NVCAM_AUTO_EXPOSURE_ALWAYSFLASH
                         (5): OnFlashRedEye    - GST_NVCAM_AUTO_EXPOSURE_AUTO_RED_EYE

Hi nicolas,
For advanced sensor control, please refer to Argus samples in tegra_multimedia_api.