Unable to start SPI0 or 1 after Allied Imaging CSI Patch

Hardware is Stock Orin Nano Dev Board, I am attempting to get CSI (AlliedVision), SPI0 and SPI1 functional in Hardware.
I install the standard Jetpack 5.1.3.
I configure SPI0 and SPI1 using Jetson-IO
I confirm SPI works Electrically .
I patch using L4T-35.2.1-5.1.0
Camera Works great. But with the patch the Jetson-IO is gone. And the SPIs do not work electrically.
Decompiling the kernel_tegra234-p3767-0003-p3768-0000-a0.dtb to temp.dts looks to have the correct information, when I compare it with the Host PC DTB file.
The spidev0.0,0.1,2.0,2.1 are present in /dev/ after sudo modprobe spidev.

spidev can initiate xfer on the SPI0 and SPI2, but without electrical output.

I am now unsure where to turn next to either debug further to get these working as all the information is about Jetson-IO which I no longer have. Any help would be appreciated.

one clue from a separate forum is the SPI1 memory provides the returns that looked like a GPIO.
0x0243d008 = 59
0x0243d018 = 55
0x0243d028 = 1055
0x0243d038 = 59
0x0243d040 = 55
But I can not find where to inspect the GPIOs.

temp.dts.txt (436.3 KB)
Here is the current decompiled DTB.

Hi CMMRE2001,

How did you confirm SPI works correctly?
Have you verified SPI loopback test successfully?

Do you mean SPI not work after applying the patch from your link?

Please also share the full dmesg for further check.


With spidev_test and Protocol Analyser.

Correct, the spidev_test failed, and no electrical activity was seen on the protocol analyser.

I was prepared the info for this ticket by reverting to stock 5.1.3, used jetson-io to enable SPI, and collect dmesg and .dtb; I extracted the whole ‘exp-header-pinmux {xxx}’ section from that .dtb and recompiled it back into the new post-csi .dtb, now it looks to be working.


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