Unable to upgrade the Jetson UEFI firmware to 36.x

Hi I am trying to install QSPI Updater package on my Jetson Nano on Jatpack 5.3.2. This is to eventually run Jetpack 6 and and following the AI lab setup guide. However, I am getting the following errors and unable to install it…

  1. I get the nvidia-l4t-bootloader post install notification but upon restarting the board, it does not update the UEFI FW.

  2. When I run the command, “sudo nvbootctl dump-slots-info”, I get the error “sudo: nvbootctl: command not found”.

Would appreciate any help in resolving this. I am looking to eventually use Jetpack 6.0 on the Jetson Orin Nano board.

Is this really a Nano? There is also a TX2 Nano, an Xavier Nano (newer, but not new), and an Orin Nano (the newest). The more basic Nano is a TX1. You have to have Xavier or newer (meaning Orin) to use L4T R35.x (JetPack 5.x), and you have to have Orin to use L4T R36.x (JetPack 6.x). A lot depends on what your actual Nano is.

Thanks. it is the Orin Nano dev board. I have been using instructions from this page 🚅 Initial Setup Guide - Jeton Orin Nano 🆕 - NVIDIA Jetson AI Lab

it works till step 3.3. I am not getting the UEFI upgrade screen from step 3.4 during reboot, and the system does not recognize commands in step 4.

You’d want to post on the Orin Nano forum then:

Maybe @KevinFFF or @WayneWWW could move this to the correct forum.

Thanks linuxdev. I was able to upgrade my Orin Nano platform to Jetpack 6.0. It seems like before the reboot on step 3.3, I had to wait for 15-20 mins for the SW upgrade to download and unpack. The pop-up to reboot the machine, to upgrade UEFI shows way before the SW upgrade is downloaded and gives an impression that the machine is ready for the reboot. I guess that can be added in the documentation on the page. For now we can close this thread. Greatly appreciate the response and help.

You can connect the serial console cable to check the log and know what you board is doing.

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