Unable to view rtsp from Vivotek camera using video-viewer

I have a remote camera I’m trying to interface with from a Nano. I can view the video in VLC on another computer just fine. Here’s what I’m trying to do:

video-viewer rtsp://…/live1s2.sdp --input-codec=H264 --input-width=1280 --input-height=720 --input-rate=20

The only output I get is “Failed to capture video frame”. Unfortunately I can’t get VLC to run on my Nano Ubuntu install either to test. I added the input-codec because it initially would just die saying it failed to discover video stream info try manually setting the codec.

It does seem to work from smplayer on the Nano. I still can’t get it working with video-viewer.

Please check if you can launch the camera in gstreamer command and see camera preview:

gst-launch-1.0 uridecodebin uri="rtsp://…/live1s2.sdp" ! nvoverlaysink

It returns “The Server closed the connection”. We’ve been trying to figure out what ports need to be open for RTSP to work server side. The camera is remote and behind a proxy. What I don’t understand is why I can play this url in smplayer, but not in gstreamer. smplayer is very slow to load it though. On my laptop I can play it in VLC no problem. So gstreamer must be using protocols other than what media players do.

Since gstreamer is the base of jetson-inference, you would need to have the source work with rtspsrc plugin. Suggest go to gstreamer forum. Users in the forum may have more experience and can share further suggestion.

The issue was with the nginx proxy and udp apparently. Media players were falling back to tcp and working, so it was confusing. We removed the proxy and things are working now. Thank all.

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