Unablt to launch omniverse natively on Isaac SIM

I am trying to run Omniverse by following the instructions .(Note: Before installing Isaac SIM, I have installed Isaac SDK.)
Upon running the command ./_build/linux-x86_64/release/isaac-sim.sh
I get an error like this.

This is my configuration.

I have also tried version 455.45, it also occurs to the same problems.

Hi, installing CUDA after installing the NVIDIA Drivers may have broken some paths or config that Isaac Sim uses. Please try reinstalling the NVIDIA Drivers. Using a .run installer is recommended.

Thanks for your suggestion!

However, follow the above instruction, reinstall the driver, it occurs to the same problem mentioned above.

Also reinstall driver and CUDA, unluckily it also has the same problems.

Could you give me further suggestions! Thank you !

Another suggestion is to uninstall both CUDA and Drivers then just install just the NVIDIA drivers and run Isaac Sim only