Isaac Sim fails to install on Linux

When i install Isaac Sim on ubuntu 18, such error occur? how can i solve it?
log (6.4 KB)

Welcome to the NVIDIA Developer forums. Your question will might be better served if posted in the Isaac Sim category. I will go ahead and move it over for you.

Thanks @TomK .

@1256364401 Please provide more info like the GPU you are using and the version of the drivers. Please share the output of nvidia-smi.

Here are our system requirements:

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Your GPU and Drivers should be fine. Could you try re-installing the latest 470.x .run drivers?
See Linux Troubleshooting — Omniverse Launcher documentation

Make sure that the vulkan drivers are also installed, It looks like from your logs that the driver is missing vulkan support, re-installing the nvidia driver run file should resolve the issue.

Thx for relpy, i have fix this problem by re-installing nvidia driver!

Thx for relpy! it works!

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