Omivierse Issac Sim installation on ubuntu server

I followed installation instruction in Local Workstation Deployment on ubuntu 18.04 server, the nvidia driver version is 440.100, the cuda version is 10.0.130, and the gpu is gtx1080ti.
The problem is when i typed in ./_build/linux-x64_86/release/ or ./_build/linux-x64_86/release/, the following error information is shown:

 ./_build/linux-x64_86/release/ [Info] [carb] Logging to file: /home/junfeng/isaac-sim-2020.1.1920-4b1097bc-linux-x86_64-release/_build/target-deps/kit_sdk_release/_build/linux-x86_64/release/data/Kit/isaac-sim-headless/2020.1/omniverse-kit.log
    2020-06-30 04:53:19 [2ms] [Warning] [] [Graphics API] Vulkan

 ./_build/linux-x86_64/release/ line 4:  7042 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) "$SCRIPT_DIR/../../target-deps/kit_sdk_release/_build/linux-x86_64/release/omniverse-kit" --config-path "$SCRIPT_DIR//experiences/isaac-sim-headless.json" --no-window $@

Local Requirements

Here are the hardware and software requirements for running Isaac Sim locally:

  1. Ubuntu 18.04 Operating System
    2. NVIDIA GPU (RTX 2070 or higher)
  2. NVIDIA GPU Driver (minimum version 440.59)


Sorry, I met the same problem.
I am using :
Ubuntu 18.04
NVIDIA GPU Driver 450.51.05

And I am also using CUDA-11.0 .
Do I have to downgrade NVIDIA GPU driver to the ideal version and CUDA-10.0…?

I followed installation instruction show like this first.

And I got the same error. Then I check the path :

linux-x64_86to linux-x86_64
and it works.

choose a sample:

It runs on a RTX2060 and ubuntu18.

Hi Chenchx,

Sorry , that is a typo, change linux-x86_64 is correct. We will fix it,
Also, maybe a good idea to update your driver, checkout the documents and comments above, the minimum driver is 440.59.


Hi Liila,
Thanks for your advice. Now, My driver is 440.100 . Omivierse Issac Sim is so cool!